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Alco RS1 - made from USA Trains S4 and an Aristocraft RS3
This project was begun on May. 9th 2019

All pictures on this page Copyright © 2019 by Jules Heiliczer

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UPDATE: The following pictures were taken August 30, 2019. What has been updated? Bob Judge has completed the decaling for the BB and RT, Butch Evernham has added an led headlight and I have done some weathering. Check out below for how we built the RS1.

For years I have been wanting a G Gauge Alco RS1. No manufacturer makes an RS1 in G gauge. If you want an RS1 you must kit bash it from an RS3 and 2 (or part of 2) S4's.

Alco made the RS1 as a road switcher version of the S4 switcher. It has an extended frame and a short hood on the other side of the cab. Modeling wise I am not interested in the increased engine size, just the external modeling.

This is what I will make my RS1 out of:
1. The trucks of an Aristocraft RS3
2. The frame and body of a USA Trains Alco S4
3. The hood and part of the frame of a small kitbashed switcher that
I bought years ago at the ECLS train show in York.

These are the things I will be doing to create my version of an Alco RS!:
1. I will extend the S4 frame to the proper length using part of the kitbashed switcher.
2. I will modify the S4 cab taking the front end off the kitbashed switcher and replacing the S4
cab's back end with it to give me a side door instead of one in the middle.
3. I will create a short hood from the kitbashed switcher hood. This will take 2 cuts, as the
new hood must have the 2 side access doors. 4. I need to take the truck from the RS3 and mount them on the RS1. The line drawing diagram
obtained from the internet show the new position of the trucks, which are larger than the S4 trucks.

Bob Judge took this photo of me videoing the primed RS1 pulling a train around the layout. The primed RS1.

The cab on the RS1 has an overhang on both the front and back of the cab. Here is the overhang from the black cab which I will attatch to the modified cab. The Revolution receiver mounted on the frame.

Cutting the rear end of the S4 frame off so the front piece from the kitbashed switcher frame can be added. The S4 frame with the rear end cut off.
The S4 frame (now the RS1 frame) now extended to the proper length.
The curved end of the short hood, cut from the kitbashed switcher.
Cutting the rest of the short hood from the kitbashed switcher. All the pieces sitting in place.

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