Everingham Mining- Quarry Crane

This quarry crane was scratch built by Jules Heiliczer

Built for the Everingham Mining Complex
and begun in June of 2013

All pictures on this page Copyright © 2013 by Jules Heiliczer

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The completed quarry crane at work at the Everingham Mining complex.

These first pictures show the CHAR b tank that I scratchbuilt in the 1980s. I was crazy back then and built the whole thing from scratch.
I never painted it and have now found a good use for it as the base to the quarry crane. Here I am starting to gather the components. The deck of an HLW flat car and a wheel from Butch's collection.
The boom is made from styrene structural pieces out of Bob Judge's scrap box.
Here I have the main pieces spread out. The motor I made by cutting up the razor blade container that comes with my razor blade refills. The completed crane. All that is missing is the piece of granite to be lifted. In the previous shot you can see the roof made from the metal of a soda can, crimped with a crimper from A.C. Moore.
The crane at work at the granite quarry of the Everingham mine.

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