Pictures Around the BB&RT

Assorted pictures I have taken around the garden railroad

All pictures on this page Copyright © 2013 by Jules Heiliczer

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The Speidel station with the garden blooming around it.

These pictures of Nic Nichols' 4-6-0 Bachmann steam locomotive
were taken on October 3rd 2013.

Nic's locomotive passing Everingham Mine
Bob Judge watching Nic's locomotive.
Nic getting a chance to run his locomotive for the first time.
Passing the town of Judge's, coming out of Curry Depot.

Bob Judge cleaning track on the Speidel loop.
These hydrangias were blooming at the end of May, 2013
The Lehigh Valley GP38 on the Everingham Mine siding.
The Everingham Mine loco pushing full dumper cars toward the mainline.

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