BB&RT Locomotives

A Garratt Steam Locomotive built from 2 Bachmann Big Hauler 4-6-0's
This project was begun on November 2018

There was no American prototype for the Garratt
but it is an interesting locomotive and a good Fall project
for the Thusday morning guys. It was inspired by Jim Judge who
brought the project idea to us.

All pictures on this page Copyright © 2018 by Jules Heiliczer

Click on a thumbnail photo to see the full size version.

Above is a drawing I found on the Internet of a proposed American Garratt. I don't believe it was ever built. It gave us an idea of how we could use the parts we had in the build.

The almost completed Garratt painted black. December 2018
The parts set in place. The tenders will be built from these larger tenders. November 2018

PART TWO - Putting It Together

Attaching the rear coupler
It matches the height gauge. Butch trimming the front tender.
Attaching the styrene top to the front tender.
Trial running outside.

PART ONE - Gathering the parts and building the foundation

Butch making sure the motors work
Bob seeing if we can adapt this toy tender to the project.
The plywood base for the center section.
Bob cutting the 2" X 2" mounting plates where the front and back articulate.
The mounting plates in place.

The connecting base in place and testing the motors.
The parts sitting in place.

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