The East Judges Extension

The East Judges Extension is an industrial switching area within the Judges loop and and behind the Curry Depot

This switching area was begun in 2013, but was not really functional until 2014

All pictures on this page Copyright © 2014 by Jules Heiliczer and Earle Evernham

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The scratchbuilt boxcab switching East Judges in October 2014. The new crossover has ceated a runaround track that can hold 2 or 3 cars depending on their length.

The switcher pulling the empties from the industrial track
The empties getting put on the out track.

Switching East Judges with our AGEIR boxcab

Switching East Judges with our AGEIR boxcab
We can switch out onto the main line and this is my early attempt to do this.

the industries that get switched in East Judges
The track extension onto the new filled in area. My son Josh and I built the 4x4 and brick walls.
The 'Heiliczer Cold Beer' plant

Signs for the new industres created and printed by Bob Judge.

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