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Doodlebug - made from 2 Bachmann Passenger Cars
This project was begun on Dec. 8th 2016

All pictures on this page Copyright © 2018 by Jules Heiliczer and Earle Evernham

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This project was inspired by the doodlebug we rode on the Allentown and Auburn Railroad at this year's 'Turkey Trot' Turkey Trot is the trip the club takes on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
The doodlebug once it was painted red.
The doodlebug as of Jan. 13, 2017 still in its primer grey.

A short video of the doodlebug's first run after painting - Jan. 21 2017.

A Bachmann 1/22.5 G gauge combine A Bachmann 1/22.5 G gauge coach. These were the 2 cars we began the project with.

Later in January of 2017

After looking again at the prototype pictures I knew I had to fix the roof so that it had the proper flat shelf area for the horn and headlight. It also needed room for the reccesed radiators.

Earlier in January of 2017

e I created the roof from 4" PVC pipe cut in half. Its heavy and adds a lot of weight.
Butch and Bob worked on creating the roof end from heavy styrene
I am going to use headlights from Bachmann steam engines.

December 23 2016

These pictures show the car with the shell attached and the seats and steps installed.
I painted the seats blue.
Next comes the engineer's seats and the 'b' end doors. Then we need a power truck.

December 8-16 2016

Here I am beginning to hack up the pasenger car shells. The passenger cars were donated to the project by Jim Judge. Cutting off the shell ends.
The shells cut apart and strung together.
Cutting the frame to size.
I used steel mending plates and screwed the 2 frame pieces together.
The steps needed to be cut ut and moved to a new location.
The newly created ends needed windows cut in them.
Butch Evernham covering the upper window panes to duplicate the Brill car windows.
Bob Judge cutting more styrene for the window panes. Here is a shot of the side with the upper panes covered.
We used the inside bathroom doors for the smaller side external doors on the 'A' side.
Another shot of the pieces sitting on the BB&RT at Speidel.

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