Trips- Cresson Pa.
and Horseshoe Curve

The Thursday Morning Guys take a trip to Cresson
and Horsehoe Curve PA. October 16TH and 17th 2014

All pictures on this page Copyright © 2014 by Jules Heiliczer

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Butch Evernham and Bob Judge at the Cassandra Overlook, Lilly Pa.

Our first stop, the Cassandra Overlook in Lilly Pa.
Our trip out started at 4:00 in the morning and ran
thru heavy rain and fog. When we got to the overlook
it had slowed to a gentle drizzle.

Signs at the Cassandra overlook
The leaves are changing and the scenery was beautiful
Our first of many trains
Butch keeping his camera dry with a red towel This is the first picture at the Station Inn in Cresson

Next we checked in at the Station
Inn in Cresson, a bed and breakfast that caters to Railfans

Bob in front of the porch of the Station Inn
Bob and Butch Locomotive from the porch
The porch with all our cameras set up Butch at the door of our 3 bedroom suite
Butch and I videoing one of the many passing trains One of the 3 bedrooms in our suite
Wine and cheese while watching trains The breakfast table the following morning

On our way to Horseshoe Curve,
we stopped off at Gallitzin Tunnel

Long freight entering the tunnel
As with most of the long freights on the hill, here are the helpers at the rear

Horseshoe Curve

The track for the funicular
The funicular waiting at the bottom I decided to take the stairs. The view was great
The GP9 on display
Me standing in front of the GP9

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