Branch Line

The Branch Line to Danser Station

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Well, its spring time and we decided its time to connect the branch line we put in last year to the main part of the railroad. We are attaching it to the loop at Judges, not the mainline. We began on June 9th 2016, a Thursday of course. I bought all the track, switches and connecting stuff at the York large scale show at the end of March. The PVC lumber,screws and the 4 x 4s were bought earlier this week.

The PVC lumber on the branch did not give us the support we wantes and sagged in some places because of the Sun. Butch came up with the idea of having the track ride on the top of a T configuration. we think this will give us better support.

The PVC lumber put together as a T The next step is to spray paint it flat grey.
The PVC lumber at Home Depot This shot shows the big curve around the back of the shed.
Temporary supports keeping the 4x4s in alignment until the concrete sets We set the posts 2 feet in the ground and 2 feet above, but made some small adjtments for the slight grade going to the wooden fence.
This shot shows the new switch in place coming off the Judges loop. Bob Judge tying the string that gave us the height adjustment for the 4x4s.
The line of newly installed posts All the PVC lumber track bed in place.
Playing with loose track to see how it will lay out.

We decided to add a single track branch line that would run one RDC car out to a small passenger station. it would run attached to the wood fence on the opposite side of the yard from the BB&RT. For now it is not connected to the main railroad. Next spring we will run the connecting track. We began the new branch line on Thursday June 25, 2015

Butch Evernham designed and built the electronics that will stop the car and reverse directions at the end of the run.

That's me in the boonnie hat standing next to the RDC

Bob Judge getting out of the sun.

The supports ready to attach to the fence.

Thursday July 2, 2015 We run the wiring from the line into Curry Depot where the transformer and electronics will be.

The Garden State Central BBQ Party car

The electrical conduit that will carry the the low voltage power wire and the 8 wire cable for the reversing electronics.
Butch and ken Griffin ready to bury the section of conduit that will go under ground.
Bob Judge is working on a wooden snow shed to form a tunnel past one of our larger plants.
Butch working on the diodes used to stop the car at the end of the run.

Thursday July 9, 2015 Butch gets the reversing unit to work so the RDC will go from one end of the branch line to the other, wait about 20 seconds then head in the other direction.

In the mean time Bob was working on the snow shed.

The RDC car coming thru the snow shed.

Bob working on the snow shed.
Butch working on the reversing unit in the depot.
Butch working on the RDC top section where the sound unit will go.
A small freight house can be made from the leftover parts from the fire tower.
Bob assembling the snow shed.
Butch's fire tower. Looking good.

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