BB&RT Locomotives

A scratchbuilt boxcab locomotive based on the CNJ #1000 boxcab
This project was begun on April 17th 2014

The prototype was built by a consortium consisting of
Alco, General Electric and Ingersoll Rand. They were known as AGEIR locomotives.

All pictures on this page Copyright © 2014 by Jules Heiliczer

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Jules Heiliczer's scratchbuilt boxcab locomotive. This is the most recent shot from Thursday June 5th. The only thing left to add is the horn and markings, and maybe sound. In this picture you can see the headlight and cab lights that Butch Evernham installed
This is the boxcar we started with. In this shot you can see the Aristocraft Center CaB loconotive power trucks we used.

The following pictures are in chronological order with the most recent first

Here on June 5th, 2014 Butch is installing the led bulbs for the headlights and cab.
I first primed it using grey primer from a spray can.

evening the roof overhang.
Here Butch is gluing the first radiator pipes together
the radiator boxes being built
Bob Judge working on the styrene cones for the stacks
THe locomotive assembled
working on the roof

Photos from April 2014.

Attaching the 2 halves of the boxcar
Bob working on the doors.
Butch Evernham putting the shortened frame together.

Photos from earlier in April 2014.

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