Battery Control of the BB&RT Locomotives

The BB&RT has switched to battery control

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Aristocraft RS3 with 2 7volt batteries installed in the short hood.

We finally took the plunge. I was tired of cleaning track and worrying about polarity on the loops. I bought a revolution 2.4 ghz Train Engineer set of one transmitter with one receiver at the ECLSTS in March 2017. Butch Evernham came up with the battery system of two 7 volt batteries in series. Well, I think the system is great.

At first we were installing the batteries in an attached batery car, but we soon discovered that it was worth installing the batteries on board. This takes a little work as you have to create a place for the batteries that is easy to get to for removing them to charge.

So now we can run trains anywhere on the layout without any concern with dirty track or whether the polarity is correct on a loop.

August 17, 2017

Butch working on his revised yard switcher He changed out the hood for a wider electrical conduit which Butch uses as a hood. The wider hood holds the on board battery
The Revolution radio reciever. You can see the 2 7volt batteries in the right bottom of this photo.
The engineer sits on the receiver.

August 10, 2017

Butch working on the lights of Bob Judge's Mac railbus. This is the room we have inside the USA Trains GP38.
The battery powered GP38 passing Speidel station.
Here you can see the batteries under the cab.

July, 2017

The unpowered battery car decked out as a locomotive. Bob Judge's Mac railbus with the batteries on a shelf above the passengers.
The NW2 has the batteries under the cab. A picture of the revolution transmitter. It can control up to 50 different locomotives
We also installed a receiver in our scratch built boxcab. this shot with the top off shows where the batteries sit.
These pics show the RS3 with the short hood up showing the batteries. These 2 are ni cads, but all the replacement batteries we bought are litium ion.
THE rs3 running on battery. These are shots of Butch installing the receiver and battery setup in the boxcab.
These 2 shots are of the battery cars we used before going onboard.

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