Branch Line - 2 Rivers Loop and Branch Rebuild

The addition of a loop at the end of the branch line and a complete rebuild of that line.

September 2018

The loop has been here for more than a year and has become a fun place to run and switch. This is helped by the fact that the extension is 3 feet above the ground.

The Loop and rebuild begun in September 2017

The guys and I have decided that if we add an 8' loop at the end of the Branch line we could have continious running of a length of about 240' feet.

While we are putting in the new loop, we have decided to rebuild the branch line because the PVC lumber we originally used is subject to sagging in the heat of the sun.

With the donation of Trex ladder roadbed from Rob Davis's 2 Rivers Railroad it seemed like a great time to rebuild the branch all the way to the shed.

All pictures on this page Copyright © 2017 by Jules Heiliczer & Butch Evernham

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September 2018

Our MOW power car, powering the Aristocraft 'Lil Critter (a half of an RS3) approaching the loop
The BB&RT RS3 pullinga full train around the loop

First powered run on the 2 rivers loop

September 21, 28 and 29 2017

Picture of the completed track in on the main branch line and the long runaround track.

The last piece of roadbed going in on the branch.

September 14, 2017

September 12, 2017

September 7, 2017

Let's see how the track looks

September 2, 2017

Rob Davis's 2 Rivers Railroad has reached the end of the track, but Rob has been kind enough to donate roadbed and track to the Broken Bush and Round Top Railroad.

Here the 8' loop of aluminum track is layed out on the ground in its future location (though raised to 3' high).
Here you can see how the heat of the sun has caused the roadbed to sag.

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