The Broken Bush and Round Top Garden Railroad

This website is dedicated to showing
the work my friends and I have done
on my backyard G gauge garden railroad

It is a raised railroad, 2 feet above the ground. We began
the railroad in March of 2010 and by May the track was in and
we were running trains. I decided I didn't want a railroad on the
ground, so the guys and I built it raised on 4x4s 2 feet in the ground and
2 feet above the ground. We used Trex decking material cut into strips and
built ladder style.

Last Updated Sept. 20, 2019

New project for the Spring of 2019
A kit bashed RS1
An update on the kit bashed doodlebug

Butch Evernham's September 2018 great videos! These two videos show
Bob Judge, Butch Evernham and Jules Heiliczer (me)
all enjoying a beautiful late September day running trains.

The loop on the Davis extension showing the Danser Passenger
station and the fire tower in the distance

The station has been "Victorianized" in July 2014

We have gone to battery control and the revolution! Control

The station at Speidel

Newest picture from the Thursday Morning Modeling Group

The new pond put in at the Everingham Mining Company

The RDC car on the new branch line heading for the annual GSC club BBQ on July 18.

The railroad as of 2019

The railroad as of 2017 as seen in SCARM (Simple Computer Aided Railroad Modeling). It is a free software for planning a model railroad layout. I am not done but I wanted To see what I could do with a G gauge plan.

The infamous "Thursday Morning Modeling Group" who helped me
build the BB&RT.
left to right: Jules Heiliczer, Butch Evernham, George Speidel and Bob Judge

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